As of the March release of U2 DBTools (downloadable free from our site), I 
would advise that you use XAdmin, not UniAdmin. XAdmin now encompasses all the 
functionality relating to UniData that was in UniAdmin. It also allows you to 
'extend it' yourself if you have Java programmers available.

If you are coming to U2U this year, we might have something quite interesting 
to show you along the lines of automated system monitoring...


Dan McGrath
Product Manager
Rocket Software

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UniAdmin has a fairly comprehensive monitoring system. You can look at it for 
inspiration (or show it as proof of concept, or just use it). I haven't checked 
XAdmin though.


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I have a request to help setup a monitoring process for Unidata on HP-UX.
So far the outside tools have not been specified, but will most likely be MS 
Windows based.

I am looking for any examples/documentation on what can be done to provide 
visibility  into system status.  Has anyone done something similar before?
What Unidata and/or HP manuals should I look for?

Marc Rutherford

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