As long as your OS and the filesystem is already 64-bit enabled - you should be 
able to resize the UV file to 64BIT (make sure you have a verified backup first 
:)). Otherwise, use UV distributed file create a logical file view of your UV 
physical files.

Note that BCI is a programmatic API interface only - that implements OBDC 
calls, it's not a DB-level interface of likes of EDA or UV/Net, etc. Useful 
largely with batch-like operations to push/pull data.

Since you already use Nabble, search the U2 forums there for UV ODBC setup...

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Many thanks,

In fact I am running old version of UniVerse 9.6 and due to is limitation of 
2GB file, I am designing an interface to transfer data from U2 data files to 
Oracle. In this regard I have heard about ODBC drivers but very little 
knowledge how to use them. I will be grateful if you can guide by an example 
how to configure ODBC/BCI driver for this task.



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