To stay with the picture of not using a hammer to drive in a screw, I would just write a Basic program to do this.
Use the right tool for the job!
Open the file
Execute GET-LIST
Then a loop that generates the new Ids including checking that it doesn't already exist, READU record from old Id, WRITE record to new ID, DELETE old record.
A few lines of code written in less than a minute.
Compile, generate list, run program, job done!

On 28/05/2013 21:59, Charlie Noah wrote:
Dang, David, you beat me to it. ;^) I was just going to suggest the same thing. Just because the OP wanted to use ED (a hammer) to drive in a screw doesn't mean that it is the best tool ( a screwdriver). Good answer.

Charlie Noah

On 05-28-2013 3:42 PM, David A. Green wrote:
I would take my saved list and copy it to a text editor then using copy
commands and a quick macro convert the list into a bunch of COPY FROM FILE.A
BAD.KEY, GOOD.KEY commands.  Then save it as a PA and then execute it.

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I am always using what I call 'PreStore' command...

In the AE editor, I need to change  Attb 2  from A]thisbad]C]D   to be
A]thisgood]C]D  on a list of items...

So I get the list, AE FILENAME and then...

=FIX 2`R/thisbad/thisgood/`FI`=FIX

Viola!  The data is updated.

I have a need to 'fix' a KEY to a record...

Is there a way to use a PreStore command that could do that? It's 95
records. Too many to hand edit. Too few to write a program. A PreStore
would be JUST RIGHT... if there was a way to do it!


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