This is really all new for me, so you have to excuse my ignorance.
What is EDT?
I know EDA but that is for writing data to SQL Server but not for reading from it.
At least that's what it says in the documentation.
Doesn't that use replication?

I also have BDT working on 64 bit Linux but how does that help me?

And if you actually have BCI working on 64 bit Linux, which ODBC driver did you use?
Are there any 'gotchas' when installing it?
In that regard I am totally at the mercy of our sys admin since he is the only one who installs anything on Linux. He installed a 64 bit ODBC driver and from a Linux shell he can connect to the SQL Server box I want to connect to with no problem. I followed the documentation in setting up BCI but when I try to use CONNECT in a Basic program I always get a memory error.

On 07/06/2013 15:57, Symeon Breen wrote:
Hi  - I have udt 7.1 on redhat 64bit and we use BDT ok   ???

Also EDT is for unidata to get access to external data sources like sql
server so that would also solve the problem

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I know, tried it and it doesn't work on our setup because BCI only seems to
work if the OS on the UD server is 32 bit.
We were told it didn't matter so they built a Redhat Linux 64 bit virtual
server and put UD in that.
Now if I try to connect trough BCI I only get memory errors.
AFAIK EDA is only for connecting from SQL Server to U2 so no good for what I
want to do.

On 07/06/2013 09:39, Symeon Breen wrote:
" And I am still looking for a way to read data from a relational
database in a Basic program."

This has been around for years Mecki - look up the bci functions like
SQLPrepare etc.  Or there is the new EDA function as well.


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