What I try to achieve is converting production data collected by Seiki software into labour bookings on our Avante ERP system. Currently operators use Seiki on the machine and also book the jobs on a separate screen to update ERP. So I have one application writing to a SQL Server table and I want to run a phantom on UD that picks up changes on that table and updates several UD files using existing business logic when it finds any. That way the operator doesn't have to enter labour bookings and make mistakes any more. I also want to remove the rows from the SQL Server table once they are marked as completed operations and update SQL Server with changes of the production schedule to produce loading lists on the machines.

How can a browser or Coldfusion help me with that?
If I really wanted a browser based front end I would most likely use Designbais or SBXA since I don't see the point and don't have the time trying to learn yet another new language (or a whole bunch of them) just for that.

I think I'll just go the old fashioned way and run a SSIS package on SQL server that checks for changes on the table and writes these to a Samba share on the UD server as a Tab delimited text file and also updates the tables Seiki uses for loading lists. Then my phantom can pick up those changed rows every minute or so and update my files. I just wanted a more elegant solution and and see if and how the UD tools work.


On 07/06/2013 23:02, Bill Brutzman wrote:

While it may be counter-intuitive that ColdFusion is very hot...

The compelling gravity in the entire web UniVerse is the idea is the idea
browser front end.

As CF was originally tag-based... if a programmer knows any HTML... that
same programmer already knows much CF.

Where CF shines is middleware to connect to databases... and rapid
application development.

It is worth it to go to and check out CF.

A related impossibility is that the CF community is even more gung-ho that
the U2 community.  Who knew?


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