On 07/06/13 20:49, Mecki Foerthmann wrote:
> I don't think that is an option for me.
> That sounds far too complicated for an old dinosaur like me.
> I am no nuclear physicist but even I know that cold fusion is an urban
> myth and doesn't work!
> You need temperatures and pressure like in the centre of the sun to get
> fusion going.
> And that is VERY hot!

Actually, if it wasn't for cold fusion, then the sun wouldn't shine!

As I learnt in one of my uni courses, I can't remember which step in the
hydrogen cycle it is, but by all the standard calculations it's impossible.

But, by dint of quantum tunneling (aka cold fusion) the impossible
happens often enough to power the sun :-)

Which is one of the reasons I'm a cold-fusion sceptic, but not an
outright disbeliever. I studied the Fleischman-Pons debacle as another
one of my uni courses, and I firmly believe that the bad publicity they
generated basically destroyed a good avenue of research.


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