George, if you're seeing the "Problems During Load dialog", the error might 
refer to the Content.MSO folder:
C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet 

(on older systems that might be c:\WinTemp\Temporary Internet Files\Temporary 
Internet Files\Content.MSO)

From the NebulaXLite Developer Guide page 49: 

"The Content.MSO directory is hidden.To get to the file, use Windows Explorer to
get to the Temporary Internet Files folder, then in the address bar manually
type “Content.MSO”.A list of files
should display.(All files except the most recent can be deleted.)"

XML files from v2003 "should" certainly be compatible with v2013. However, 
there are at least two kinds of XML out there. There is the SpreadsheetML and 
then there is a newer Open format which has been in transition over the years. 
It's possible though unlikely that v2013 has some detail "fixed" that an older 
version of Excel (or related tools) embedded into your documents. Without more 
information I couldn't make any other guesses.

[ad] Relevant to MV/U2, NebulaXLite generates full Excel workbooks with rich 
sheets all from BASIC:

Tony Gravagno, Nebula Research and Development      

George Gallen wrote:
Is anyone else having issues with Excel2013 giving errors to previously working 
XML files from Excel2003

It keeps telling me there is an error in the table, and says there is log file, 
which is blank - not helpful.
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