Then you would need to write another program that scans the programs and checks 
if the VERDATA element
For the program name matches the @ID in the program file - if not email someone 
to fix it.

Then have it run nightly - so if it did get cloned without changing, it 
wouldn't be that way 
For long.


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This can be broken simply by copying the program to some other location, 
without changing the variables.
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Awesome feature Ross that you have in your Stamina product.

Is there a link to an article, example, or manual describing it in detail?

That way I can forward it to any Universe client inquiring about those 

I have seen Brian Leach's source code and he has the program information 
embedded in a variable like this:

* Modification History
* -------------------
VERDATA := 'Version=001009003;'
VERDATA := 'VerModVer=001000000;'
VERDATA := 'VerBeta=;'
VERDATA := 'VerDate=15134;'
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