Great post, Ray -- a few excerpts with questions below.  --dawn

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When Informix, by that time controlled by the ex-Ardent board (and that's an
interesting story in itself!), sold their databases to IBM, arrangements
were put in place that both companies would begin from the same base, but
development would occur separately as the separate products' requirements

(dawn) Yes, I have wondered how the Ardent folks seemed to gain so much
control within Informix, so I'd love to hear that story if you are inclined
& able to fill us in.


There have been two major releases of DataStage since UniVerse was sold to
IBM, versions 6.0 and 7.0.  Version 7.1 is due out in a couple of months.
It is still recognizably UniVerse under the covers, though there are rumours
that a new Engine is under development.  We have already seen the beginnings
of the likely direction for this in version 7.0, in which there is a
component (interlude?) in Orchestrate that allows BASIC code to be executed,
by loading the run machine.  I suspect (personal opinion/educated guess
only) that the new DataStage Engine will not be obviously UniVerse-based,
but will continue to be able to do many of the things that UniVerse can do,
but not all, and quite a few that UniVerse can't do.

(dawn) While it would be accurate currently to add Ascential as a company
that has a "PICK" product dedicated to their application, it sounds like you
are suggesting that perhaps after the next release(s) there really will not
be any "PICK-like" component of DataStage?  I'm trying to keep as accurate a
family tree for PICK as I can, so at the point where the daughter-of-UV
component is gone, I'm hoping that you and others will make noise on this
list to let us know.


It is to be hoped that the DataStage engineers (some of whom are ex
UniVerse) and the IBM U2 engineers continue to exchange ideas.  Ultimately,
however, it is not engineers who decide product directions.  Recall the
Golgafrinchan "B" Ark.

(dawn) Nope, that doesn't ring any bells, but sounds like another story, so
do tell ...

Cheers!  --dawn

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