In short, Peoplesoft is using mv technology because RDBMS isn't good at everything. It's a 'best of breed' approach, like the one David Jordon is promoting to IBM - where you use MV for agility and RDMBS for the more traditional parts.

    - Charles Barouch

Phil Walker wrote:



Peoplesoft used Informatica to import/export and move data around within their product suite, now they use DataStage, NOT Universe. The data is stored in Oracle or other RDBMS – DataStage with its underlying engine based on UniVerse of 1-2 years ago processes the data and that is all.




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So, in simplest terms, Peoplesoft is now an MV/UniVerse like product?

(forgive my ignorance, as I have never worked with Peoplesoft.)


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Ascential is basically VMark/Ardent.  Almost all of the engineering, sales, support
staff that were responsible for Universe up until UV Rel 9.6 work for
Ascential (myself and Glenn being two you've come to know over the years)

When the split occurred, IBM retained the rights to sell/develop the UniVerse
product, as well as the former UniData engineers who were trained on the
internals of UnIverse.  They now are responsible for UV releases, with UV Rel 10
being the first release to come from there. 

Ascential also kept the rights to the source code.  Internal to the DataStage
product set (specifically what is known as DataStage Server, not to be confused
with DataStage PX, TX, or 390) is the UniVerse engine, re-branded the
DataStage Engine.  It is only available as part of the DS Server package.

So no, Ascential is not a Universe customer.  However, IBM is an Ascential
customer and reseller.  They resell the DataStage product suite.

It does increase the footprint of enterprises around the world that have one
of those MV engines running at their site, though.


At 08:30 AM 1/29/2004 -0600, you wrote:

Thanks for passing that along.  Is Ascential a Universe customer of IBM's or
did they end up taking Universe and changing it so that they are yet another
flavor of 'PICK' (not yet on my MultiValue Family Tree diagram)?  If so, is
it now called something other than Universe?  Thanks.  --dawn

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