I agree that they have done a good job and I certainly
applauded all involved in this effort.  I don't think I would
have done a better job and I am not criticizing the
work done.  I also have nothing but good to say about
the job that Clif has done and thank him for the many hours,
and I suspect, money he has given to the community.

As far as contributing to this effort, I am not permitted
that freedom by my current employer.  I get little time
away from the job for things like Spectrum, which I really
wanted to attend, or vacation for that matter.  Once
things were different but for now....

I am just one of "those" that doesn't like fora.  I am a
member of U2UG and the GalaTech Multivalue Forum.
I don't do GalaTech much for the same reason as U2UG.
I prefer email communication in the form that Clif provided.

I am not trying to offend anyone or belittle the excellent work
that has been done with U2UG.

Ron "Oh brother, what hast thou wrought?" White :-)

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> LOL - Ron - where were you while they were BEGGING for people to become
> members and attend conference call meetings to decide how to set up the
> user's group and forum area?  It was MONTHS ago that they asked for input,
> but probably got just enough to realize they'd have to wing it...
> And in reality, for a totally NON-funded, volunteer effort, all I can say
> **WOW**...  GOOD JOB!!
> I look at it like this: If you had to do it yourself, honestly, could you
> have done a better, more professional job?  And if so, why didn't you
> volunteer to assist?!?  They would have LOVED to have more help I'm sure!!
> Be glad people who are willing to do labors of love are here, and willing
> share...
> I look forward to the group pushing forward - perhaps the forum software
> use will have to ability to support email posts, but then again, that's
> the spam messages start hitting! <g>
> Clif - thanks for the work over the ages - This email forum has been one
> my 'must do' areas - just to stay abreast of where people are taking the
> software - even places IBM and others probably never imagined - the
> resources have been incredible...
> David W.
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> If this statement is true it sounds like someone wasn't listening or
> the users if they were even interested in this forum idea.  It seems to
> been done without the input of the very people it is supposed to serve.
> For the record, I have unlimited internet access both at work and at home
> but I think the forum idea sucks.  I want my list info via email so I can
> filter it and read it offline at a time that is convenient for me and my
> employer.  I have subscribed to U2UG but I don't expect to spend much time
> there.
> Ron White
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