Don't forget the 80/20 rule.  80% of the work gets done by 20% of the


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> Good point!!  I currently sit on a Volunteer Board (Treasurer no less) -
> as anyone who does this will likely attest - there is nothing like working
> on a volunteer Board to make you fear for (or despise <g>) humanity in
> general!  The number of after-the fact non-volunteers pointing out what we
> *should* have done is always staggering...
> But I'm sure my turn will come for service to the U2 community...  Until
> then, let me tell you what you *should* have done... <g>
> DW
> <snippers>
>     Don't put 'volunteer' in the past tense. We will be looking for SIG
> leaders soon, we will be looking for forum moderators soon, and we will be
> transitioning to an elected board. There's always work for more hands in
> organization of this type. If IBM keeps growing the U2 market (and it
> to be growing as we speak) then there will only be more need in the
> not less.
>     - Charles "I Volunteered" Barouch
> <snip snip>
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