Don't put 'volunteer' in the past tense. We will be looking for SIG leaders soon, we will be looking for forum moderators soon, and we will be transitioning to an elected board. There's always work for more hands in an organization of this type. If IBM keeps growing the U2 market (and it seems to be growing as we speak) then there will only be more need in the future, not less.

- Charles "I Volunteered" Barouch

David Wolverton wrote:

LOL - Ron - where were you while they were BEGGING for people to become
members and attend conference call meetings to decide how to set up the
user's group and forum area?  It was MONTHS ago that they asked for input,
but probably got just enough to realize they'd have to wing it...

And in reality, for a totally NON-funded, volunteer effort, all I can say is
**WOW**...  GOOD JOB!!

I look at it like this: If you had to do it yourself, honestly, could you
have done a better, more professional job?  And if so, why didn't you
volunteer to assist?!?  They would have LOVED to have more help I'm sure!!
Be glad people who are willing to do labors of love are here, and willing to

I look forward to the group pushing forward - perhaps the forum software in
use will have to ability to support email posts, but then again, that's when
the spam messages start hitting! <g>

Clif - thanks for the work over the ages - This email forum has been one of
my 'must do' areas - just to stay abreast of where people are taking the
software - even places IBM and others probably never imagined - the
resources have been incredible...

David W.

If this statement is true it sounds like someone wasn't listening or asking
the users if they were even interested in this forum idea.  It seems to have
been done without the input of the very people it is supposed to serve.

For the record, I have unlimited internet access both at work and at home
but I think the forum idea sucks.  I want my list info via email so I can
filter it and read it offline at a time that is convenient for me and my
employer.  I have subscribed to U2UG but I don't expect to spend much time

Ron White

-- Sincerely, Charles Barouch www.KeyAlly.com [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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