Thank you Will but I consider "A = 1" to be an assignment of the number 1
being the result of expression "1" which in my books is numeric.

To clarify this point for others...

"anything on the right hand side of an assignment symbol (in this case "=")
is an expression"


Trevor Ockenden

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> In a message dated 3/30/2004 12:35:32 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> > You are partly correct when you say UV treats all data as strings.
> > if the UV programmer is careful he/she can get it to do maths
> > Variables within UVBasic are string unless the result of an expression
> > numeric whereby it becomes numeric.
> >
> > UV stores numeric data such as dates, time and numbers as a
> > string value with no decimal point etc. quite deliberately.
> Trevor partly right.  However the MvBASIC statement "A = 1" makes the
variable A into a numeric typed datum.  I'm not sure you could say this is
"the result of an expression" being mathematical, after all Store is both a
string and a numeric command.  The system converts the loading of a purely
numeric argument into a LOADN or STOREN type command on some MV systems,
which the loading of a string is a LOAD or LOADS or STORES or something
similar to that.
>    Of course the programmer just says A = 1 or A = "DOG" and doesn't have
to worry about how the argument is typed in the run engine.
> "Run Engine" Will
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