I requested your PICK/BASIC Query, i already posted the query
on a RDBMS side... Also the results i posted did NOT have any
indexes on RDBMS Side.
Please post your PICK/BASIC and SQL Query.. so we i can learn
the magic you did on the PICK Side.
PostalAddLine1 like '%EXPLORATION%'
You SQL Query is looking for the word "EXPLORATION" in a Text Field,
this is NOT exactly the Testing i did on my END.
Please also remember this is a CASE-INSENSITIVE Search.
You have Not posted your PICK/BASIC Code... so we dont know
what your code has been doing.
Bascially... you want a CASE-INSENSITIVE Search like
select firstName from CustomerMaster where firstName like 'Sar%';
and replicate the same code on Universe... returning all the results.
Please let me know if you are able to do this.
Joe Eugene


From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] on behalf of Sara Burns
Sent: Wed 3/31/2004 12:57 AM
Subject: RE: Modern Universe (TESTING)

As requested

My queries were done on our machine reasonably early in the morning before
there were a lot of users.  I repeated them to ensure that data was in
Both had the same format
SELECT CustomerNo
  FROM CustomerFile
  WHERE PostalAddLine1 like '%EXPLORATION%'
  ORDER BY CustomerName

I will admit that I was surprised at the performance when we set up the
index in UniVerse on that field.  It showed me the value of using indexes.
Before indexes were available in UniVerse this was done by different means.
This type of select would not have been considered.  I think this is a big
difference between Oracle and UniVerse.  As these features have become
available in UniVerse etc some leap at the chance to use them and others
keep doing things the old way.  Sometimes they may have been bitten by odd
bugs in the past.  UniVerse has most of the latest features if we choose to
use them.  This CustomerFile has 14 indexes.

I cannot repeat the tests now as the machine is heavily loaded and will be
until late this evening.  However I did try again just to convince myself
and got the same relativity.  Maybe we need to tune Oracle better for this

One possible difference is that this query is directly to the database from
our UniVerse application, not via an intermediate layer.

AIX 5.2, UniVerse 10.0.11, Oracle 9.0.2

I think we should leave this discussion now.  Maybe it is time for
experimentation - I have found you can get great improvements with the right

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