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However, one thing I did want to address is your QUAD processor point.
You've made it a few times, and I just had to point out that it is
irrelevant to the discussion.  While UV will take native advantage of
multi-processors in it's execution, a single query executed by a single
user, especially such as that listed, will execute on a single processor, so
no benefits will be seen for being on a QUAD (or a 64-way) machine.

Just curious about the above - why does it have to be that way?

You are reading in groups one at a time and then merging them into the main list. Surely you can have at least one thread read in the records(as this takes a long time) and at least one other do an insertion sort on the group and a merge sort on the main list simultaneously.

If you use a merge sort you should be able to break it into how many ever processors are available then merge each processors final sub-list together to get the result.

- Robert

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