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> As requested
> My queries were done on our machine reasonably early in the morning before
> there were a lot of users.  I repeated them to ensure that data was in
> cache.
> Both had the same format
> SELECT CustomerNo
>   FROM CustomerFile
>   WHERE PostalAddLine1 like '%EXPLORATION%'
>   ORDER BY CustomerName
> I will admit that I was surprised at the performance when we set up the
> index in UniVerse on that field.  It showed me the value of using indexes.
> Before indexes were available in UniVerse this was done by different
> This type of select would not have been considered.  I think this is a big
> difference between Oracle and UniVerse.  As these features have become
> available in UniVerse etc some leap at the chance to use them and others
> keep doing things the old way.  Sometimes they may have been bitten by odd
> bugs in the past.  UniVerse has most of the latest features if we choose
> use them.  This CustomerFile has 14 indexes.
> I cannot repeat the tests now as the machine is heavily loaded and will be
> until late this evening.  However I did try again just to convince myself
> and got the same relativity.  Maybe we need to tune Oracle better for this
> query
> One possible difference is that this query is directly to the database
> our UniVerse application, not via an intermediate layer.
> AIX 5.2, UniVerse 10.0.11, Oracle 9.0.2
> I think we should leave this discussion now.  Maybe it is time for
> experimentation - I have found you can get great improvements with the
> approach.
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