My apologies... Yes, i know UV has a SQL Interface but i didnt think
many UV Programmers used this Interface...
As a matter of Fact, i like the UV SQL Interface. I have a PE Edition of UV
on all my machines and i have only used the SQL Interface within UV.
In our UV Shop, UV Guys are NOT supposed to use this SQL Interface
as they claim its very slow than using the Native "SELECT WITH ....."
I have read the UV Manual that reflects RDBMS, this manual explains you
can setup Tables Exactly like any RDBMS using Data Types (Varchar, char,  Int etc)

All the the testing i have done does NOT involve using the SQL Interface in UV,
Our UV Shop uses FILE Types, NOT RDBMS Tables and we use 
PICK/BASIC/REDBACK to Interfact with these FILES.
Perhaps the problem might be our UV Shop using PICK/BASIC...
Maybe the SQL Interface on UV is much faster. I dont know.
Joe Eugene


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Joe Eugene wrote on 03/31/2004 02:59:29 PM:

> Please post your PICK/BASIC and SQL Query.. so we i can learn
> the magic you did on the PICK Side.


Unless I'm missing something, Sara used the SQL statement against the
UniVerse database.  Perhaps you weren't aware that UniVerse supports SQL
statements to query the database.  I don't think she used any "magic".
Therefore, in her original post, she provided all the information you need
to do a comparison.

Also, you keep referencing PICK/BASIC.  BASIC is the programming language,
not the query language.  There is also a native query language, but that's
only one of many ways to access the database.

I hope this helps to clarify your expectations.

Tim Snyder
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Consulting I/T Specialist , U2 Professional Services

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