Hey Karjala,

Why not just purchase something like a Dymo SE300 label printer and put it
on a Windows workstation, connected to the network running the U2
application? You should be able to access the Unix based U2 application from
the Windows workstation easiliy enough...

The Dymo does barcodes very well, too.

These labelwriters handle exactly what you satted in your email. These are
used in a medical application I work with, written in mvBase.

A quick Google search shows a number of places have these printers for under

Just an idea.

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I'm running UniData 5.2.15 on AIX 4.3.2 but will be going to UniData 6.0.9
on Solaris 2.8.  We have two stand alone Epson LX300+ 9 pin dot matrix
printers we use to print labels.  They are defined as generic (ASCII)
devices.  The printers are old and the output is acceptable, at best.

I'd like to replace the printers with label printers that will print on peel
off labels of roll stock.  These printers generally come with Windows
drivers but Unix drivers seem to be lacking.  Some of the higher end
printers come with a programming manual that would allow me to write code to
send control sequences to the printer and control everything.  I've done
that before but I'd rather not take the time to do that if I can simply
attach a printer, either to the network or a serial connection, load a
driver and create a queue, and then simply send my few lines of text to the
print queue and get a label.  Bar code would be nice but is not mandatory.

I'm sure that we are just not looking in the right place or closely enough.
We are not printing high volumes of labels so less expensive is better.  Any

Thanks, Karjala
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