Just don't fall into the trap our idiot tech support fell into ...

We had a printronix (nice beast, maybe try getting one of those
yourself...) anyways, something upset its config.

So tech support thought it was busted and replaced it. And $DEITY the
grief the replacement caused... because we had a tendency to print
single labels, like you, I'd set up the config to print one label per
"page", and set up the printronix as "12 lines per page". It happily let
you specify any random number.

The new printer presented you with an (unchangeable) predetermined list,
the smallest of which was 4". So here we are, printing a label followed
by a formfeed, which skips TWO labels. The result is that we ended up
wasting one label in two :-(

Oh well.


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I really have no time for any development, however small, on this.  Too
many other higher priority projects on my list.  These printers are used
by many people, however infrequently, so having the printer attached and
driven from a single workstation is not attractive, though I might be
able to get somebody else to do that setup work.  I don't know how
people would like using central workstations for generating labels.  I
suppose I could have an old PC logged into our UniData application and
somehow drive the printer from the server, but I don't know how to do
that, though there was a recent thread that might be relevant.  Yes, I
could write an application that would send the correct control sequences
and I don't think it would take much time (only because I've done a very
similar task at another company), but that's not a zero time project,

Guess I'll have to recommend that we just upgrade to a better text
printer for now.

Thanks for your ideas, Karjala

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Hey Karjala,

Why not just purchase something like a Dymo SE300 label printer and put
on a Windows workstation, connected to the network running the U2
application? ...

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I'm running UniData 5.2.15 on AIX 4.3.2 but will be going to UniData
on Solaris 2.8.  We have two stand alone Epson LX300+ 9 pin dot matrix
printers we use to print labels.  They are defined as generic (ASCII)
devices.  The printers are old and the output is acceptable, at best.

I'd like to replace the printers with label printers that will print on
off labels of roll stock.  ...

Thanks, Karjala
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