The CyberSpankings will now begin.

David, you're on warning. Do not post any more personal attacks, even if they are in reply to an attack.

Joe, you have been warned before. You may continue to post to the list, but your address is moderated. I will approve your posts before releasing them.

All others--I have neither the time nor the desire to go back and check the history of this thread to see who said what to whom, who started what, who fired the first salvo, etc. Sheesh! I am not Santa Claus and am not going to make a naughty / nice list.


Good grief.




On Apr 5, 2004, at 7:48 PM, Joe Eugene wrote:

haha :) Real Funny Man! When people LOSE an Argument.. They start Bitching and calling Names Just like you!

You know what we call them...L***ERS!

Joe Eugene

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Joe I think Zero is an exagerration.

This is NOT an Exaggeration, these are TEST Results from well maintained SQL Tables.

So you're claiming that the query literally takes ZERO time - or in other
words that MS SQL Server is INFINITELY fast in performing this particular

In fact, I don't believe that's what you're claiming, but your hyperbole is
annoying, as is your response to attempts to gently bring you back down to

select count(*) from TableName
select count(@IdentityField) from TableName (This is Faster than the

So both queries take zero time, but nevertheless one is faster than the
other? Hmmm...

The above 2 ran against MS-SQLServer instant.

Here is the code, if you would like to test.
declare @stime dateTime;
set @stime = getDate();
select count(*) from CustomerMaster
print dateDiff("ms",@stime,getDate())

Which proves what exactly - that MS SQL Server can fetch a value from a
table header in an elapsed time that is less than the resolution of your
timer? Big whoop.

Joe, I have to say I feel sorry for the poor UV programmers who
have to work
with you. Your whole rant and negative opinion of Universe seems to have
been occasioned by the UV programmers forcing you to give them a
comma-delimited flat file rather than an XML file for import into UV. I
suspect they were perfectly capable of dealing with any data
format you were
capable of providing, but made you give it to them in something that was
easy for them to handle because THEY JUST PLAIN DON'T LIKE YOU! I don't
even know you, the only thing I know about you is what you have revealed
about yourself in your posts to this list, and you already annoy the fsck
out of me! I can only imagine, and shudder in horror, at what it must be
like to actually have to deal with you on a daily basis.

Sigh. I given in to the temptation. Must remind myself:

Please don't feed the trolls.
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