> If you Dont Agree, Prove it... Everybody can Talk.. Where are your Test
> Results?

The problem with performance tests is that there are so many variables. And
then if you remove a lot of the variables to perform a lab test, that does
not reflect real world.

So then you try and make your lab conditions simulate real world - and
simply doing a COUNT on a file is not enough - sorry !

Yes, UV could count for 15 mins if say the file was really badly sized. So
what does that mean ? It does not mean that UV is crap, it means it's not
been tuned right.

Send Michael Schumaker round the track with flat tyres - when he does not
perform is that the fault of the car ?

So my final point is that it takes time and effort to do proper testing -
something most of us are not going to dedicate resources to just to prove a
point here.

Andrew Gissing

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