My former employer Intuit Eclipse has successfully implemented a Java front
end ("Solar Eclipse"... get it, Sun... Java... Solar, Arrrrrrgh) for their
distribution ERP system.  The nice part is that you can use any combibnation
of GUI and character interface you like. For example, the guys in the
warehouse can have old PC's with the Eclipse terminal emulator (which by the
way allows a multi windowing charachter interface)installed while the
accounting folks use the GUI or you can even run the terminal emulator for
some things on the same PC as the Java GUI.  This was all possible because
the entire ERP system was VERY modular including a very smart "INPUT"
routing used by every process requiring inputs from a user.  Even so, the
development of the java front end took over 2 years.

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I haven't gotten through all of the postings in the GUI thread as yet, but
am working on the question of how to write a GUI that is as good as a "green
screen" from the perspective of folks currently using a green screen
application.  I saw hints at that, but nothing that tackled it from the
standpoint of being able to use any tools on the market today to accomplish
this (no need to retain databasic code, for example).  

What could be used to actually replace, completely, the character screens?  

0) work with U2 as multiuser databases

1) Be able to use any Windows, new Mac (unix) or Linux client
2) Have graphically attractive & colorful screens, looking enough like
standard GUIs (M$, in particular) that users would understand the use of
icons, etc.
3) Respond to keystrokes by users -- not only to the click of a "submit"
4) Require no preparation of the client computers in advance of using the
software, likely directing user to a web page.
5) "type ahead" can be done so that the user is not waiting constantly for
the computer to respond
6) Heads down data entry folks are as happy with this as they were with
their green screens when they first got those and have only minor complaints
if converting now from a green screen, none of substance

What are the options -- who has written or seen such a GUI?  --dawn

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