how blue sky are we talking?

I am hugely impressed with wxWidgets (http://www.wxwidgets.org) a C++ GUI
framework for developing applications on Windows, X, Mac, OS/2.

I also think the world is crying out for a cross platform application
browesr (same idea as a web browser, but for running applications defined
using XML and downloaded from a server. Not designed for browsing websites
and hence with different security requirements (and permission to do more
things on the client)).

Want to colaborate to write one with wxWidgets? :)

This does violate your rule about zero install, but I can't think of a real
zero install technology ... once you consider web browser dependencies, java
dependencies, flash player dependencies, citrix dependencies, terminal
emulation dependencies etc there is always *something* you need to have or
fiddle with on the client (otherwise we'd all be shipping PCs with no O/S


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