Xens says:
2) I would love a feature in which I could add a blkid to
   fstab such that if I plug that particular USB or other
   storage device into my machine, that instead of mounting
   in /media/user/diskname, it would mount just like any other
   disk would at boot time.

I do this all the time. All of my usb disks mount in specific locations. They
are set to auto and nofail.

   I haven't seen a way to do this,
   although I believe old automounters were fine with such.
   defaults, auto won't do it because it will hang you up
   waiting at boot time (well, you can set other options to
   prevent the hang, but its not really what I'd like to see.

Hmm... you speak of systemd probably. I do not know what other concerns you

The problem is that in my desktop I end up with a race. The
desktop detects the new device and ignores cryptab and fstab
and asks if I want to mount or whatever. I have to give it a NO
and then go to a root shell and execute a manual cryptdisk_start
and mount (or just mount if not encrypted). If it was just a plain
mount, the GUI doesn't even do that, and I then have to unmount
the device from /dev/meda/whomever/whatever before doing the mount
command that actually uses /etc/fstab.

So my question is, how do you make that userland automounter recognize
that the disk is just not up for grabs? It does not seem to even
look at cryptab or fstab for a hint.

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