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On 09/04/18 21:06, J Fernyhough wrote:
On 09/04/18 17:50, Jim Price wrote:
Getting the mouse button down and up in a short
time is as difficult as getting a reliable double click it would seem.

After doing some more digging the libinput "DragLockButtons" option may
help with this:

Thanks, will investigate.


The "TappingDrag" setting might be worth looking at too. The overall problem is similar to the problem some people have with using tap-to-click on touchpads, but this setting enables dragging to be disabled between button-down and button-up, if I understand it correctly.

However, it also seems as though you're trying to address
mutually-exclusive issues. On the one hand, you want to allow a
single-click-then-move to trigger drag-and-drop behaviour, while at the
same time you want to prevent a single-click-and-move from triggering
drag-and-drop behaviour.

Maybe I didn't explain it very well. The idea is to eliminate drag-and-drop altogether in the case of a single click. Normally the drag would occur between button-down and button-up, and the user pretty much can't avoid dragging between button-down and button-up. With double clicks (assuming the first single click worked), the interval between the first click and the end of the second click unavoidably includes movement, which causes all kinds of unwanted behaviour. Again, disabling movement in the double click timeout period would at least allow a double click to be executed in the same place, albeit at the expense of jettisoning drag-n-drop.

The only way to address this is to separate cursor movement from
clicking and so allow independent control over both activities. This can
not be accomplished with a single mouse - you either need to look again
at larger trackballs (with a central ball, Expert or Orbit-style), or
some other input device, for example a trackpad, trackpoint/joystick,
dedicated "click" key/button, or breath controller.

I'd still like to try the disabling of all dragging and dropping by disabling movement during a double click timeout, as many desktops can be operated without drag and drop altogether. I have not ruled out other hardware solutions, but the trackballs and trackpads tried so far have not worked out. The trackpad was the most promising, but getting hold of a suitably large trackpad has proven difficult. There have been some fairly large ones made, but the best looking candidates have been discontinued (thanks Logitec). A graphics tablet would be large enough, so that might be another possibility.



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