Pete - I'm impressed with your perseverance on this idea even though it's got 
more flees than a Worf's pet targ.

all the cable systems are registered in Bermuda, yet none of them go anywhere 
near the place....

´╗┐On 22/05/2020, 16:39, "Pete Stevens" <> wrote:

    > Why would that happen Pete?  Nobody would even know that you had even 
done it.

    It wouldn't take a very bright tax inspector to notice that she's bought
    an internet service from ISP A which included an IPv4 address, and ISP A
    doesn't pay any IPv4 address tax because it claims it has no addresses.

    Fundamentally if the IPv4 address is routed to a device in the UK, you
    can find out where it is and who owns the device it's routed to and send
    them a tax bill.

    Maybe it's impossible to legislate to make the tax not avoidable, but
    tax avoidance isn't something I've experience with.


    Pete Stevens

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