Although the advice "never touch a running system" is a good one, I was
still keen to "explore" something new.
So I upgraded from pCP v 2.00 to v3.21 Audio but having some
difficulties playing dsf files.

With the v2.00 everything is fine, my USB Dac plays DSD 64 & 128 files
without the clicks I´m facing with the 3.21 Audio version (as well as
with the 3.20 and 3.10 ones).

With the 2.00 version I use the following values in Squeezelite:


But using the same values in the other versions wasn´t successful.
So my question to you guys if changing the values somewhere else will do
the trick.

Many thanks in advance.


|Filename: 2017-08-06 12_52_31-pCP - Squeezelite Settings.png       |

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