Good morning,
it seems that after updating two Pis from 3.20 to 3.21, I'm not able to
get Shairport working again: the players simply don't show up any longer
in the list of available Airplay devices on an iPad/iPhone, nor are they
listed among the discovered players in the Airplay bridge plugin's
settings. I followed Ralphy's instructions (deactivate, reboot,
activate), but nothing. PCP says on both Pis that Shairport is running.
The first Pi is a 3B with ethernet connection and audio out via HDMI
The second is a 3B with wifi connection and a cheap USB audio adapter
and the official touchscreen.
However, on a Pi zero W with Phatdac where I installed 3.21 from the
scratch, Shairport is working as expected.
Any idea what could be my problem?
Thanks & best regards

PCP (always latest version) on RasPi 3 with PhatDac (player & server)
PCP on several RasPis 2 +3
2 Airplay speakers (Sony SA-NS510) integrated via Airplay Bridge Plugin
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