sbp wrote: 
> Hi, I'm sorry for your trouble, but the USB handling has always been the
> weak spot on the RPi. There has been several changes to the USB part of
> the Linux kernel since pCP version 2, and I noticed that the raspberry
> developers still are making changes in this area now.
> I would suggest that you try to overlock your RPi to see if that could
> help with the "clicks", there have been reports that overclocking would
> help.
> You could also try to each of the other options in the "USB audio tweak"
> section on the Tweaks page.
> Good luck and please report back if you find a solution

Thanks for your swift response, sbp, much appreciated.
Will have a look at the overclocking discussions the next days.

Until then I'll stay with v2.00 which is doing a great job (question is
anyways if I would hear a difference compared to the "audio versions").


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