I currently have piCorePlayer running on a Raspberry Pi Version 1 "B".
The one where you had to solder on the connector for a DAC (in my case
an IQAudio DAC).  I am connecting it to my WiFi network using a generic
WiFi dongle which works fine provided it is "always on".  However, when
power is removed and re-applied the pCP does not re-initiate.  Even
re-booting without the WiFi dongle but connected using ethernet cable
does not bring it back to life. However, if I format the SD card and do
a fresh write of the IMG file I can get it back up and running again
using Ethernet cable.  I set up the WiFi again, use the "shut down"
button from the main page then place it back in my system and plug it
back in. If I do this, the WiFi will restart and the player works.

This did not really matter where it was in my main hi-fi and always on,
but I have moved it to a situation where it does get turned off at the
wall occasionally.  I really do not want to go through the whole write
the card and all the settings bit every time this happens (about twice a
week currently).  

So I am thinking of replacing it with a Raspberry Pi v3 with in-built
WiFi.  Sound quality is not mission critical in this location either so
I might dispense with the DAC and just use the on-board DAC.  

Does anybody here have experience of this setup?

Will it reliably restart if power is removed and then put back?

Thanks for any help.

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