Thanks Ronnie. I actually don't have LMS on this. I have a NAS with LMS,
this is purely a player.  I imagine it is mainly down to the WiFi and
networking issues, so I am looking more for feedback as to whether
people have a good experience using piCorePlayer with the iRP3 built in
Wi-Fi.  In particular whether it will restart if you pull the plug
randomly and power it up again.

*SqueezeBoxes:* A *'piCorePlayer'
(* with two Duets in a
box in the loft :-(
*Server:* Synology DS214 (2TB) NAS running LMS 7.9.1
*Network:* TP-Link Archer VR200 router, TP-Link access point
*Livingroom:* piCorePlayer, Linn LP12, Naim 72/Hi-cap/110/Headline amp,
B&W CM2 speakers
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