TheLastMan wrote: 
> Thanks Ronnie. I actually don't have LMS on this. I have a NAS with LMS,
> this is purely a player.  I imagine it is mainly down to the WiFi and
> networking issues, so I am looking more for feedback as to whether
> people have a good experience using piCorePlayer with the iRP3 built in
> Wi-Fi.  In particular whether it will restart if you pull the plug
> randomly and power it up again.

I've just modded a retro radio with a Pi3/HiFiBerry Amp+ using the Pi's
built-in WiFi. I've switched it off at the wall say 50-60 times without
problem, It's set to play a playlist on boot, it works fine, every time.

*Study/Server - LMS 7.9.1 -* Pi3/Pi screen/HiFiBerry DAC+/piCorePlayer
3.22/jivelite, 25K library on WDMyCloud, cache and playlists on a USB
stick (formatted ntfs).
*Lounge* - Pi 2/Max2Play > HiFiBerry DIGI+ > AudioEngine DAC1 > AVI DM5
*Dining Room* - Pi3 > HiFiBerry AMP+/retro radio
*Garage* - Pi3/Pi screen/HiFiBerry DAC+/piCorePlayer 3.22 > Edifier
*In car* - LMS 7.9.1 > RPi3/Max2Play > HiFiBerry DAC+ > car's hifi
(files on a 2TB portable USB drive)
*Spares* - 1xTouch, 1xSB3, 1xRadio, 1xBoom
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