I just built a new picoreplayer using a raspberry pi3 with a hifi berry
dac+ pro.  I believe it to be identical to a player I had built
previously but I'm having problems turning on shairport-sync on the new
unit.   I wrote a version 3.22 image to an 8G micro SD card.  Plugged
the card in and the new player booted up fine.  I set the squeeze lite
up to use my hifi berry dac+ pro.  I renamed the unit to be a different
name than my other players.  I can play music through the unit and it
accesses my media server just fine.  What I can't do is turn on the
shairport-sync under the tweaks menu.  On the previous picoreplayer I
built with version 3.22, I simply turned on the shairport-sync button,
hit save, and it worked.  When I try to do this on the newly built
player, I get the following error message about 5 times and shairport
does not work:

[ ERROR] There was a error downloading pcp-shairportsync.tcz

When I look in the extensions section on the Main Page, it seems to
indicate that internet is accessible, and that the official and
sourceforge repositories are accessible.  I tried increasing the space
on my micro sd card but get the same error.  I'm wondering if the
sourceforge repository is not accessible.   When I do an internet search
for pcp-shairportsync.tcz, I find a link "piCorePlayer Extension
Repository" which has a url of
http://picoreplayer.sourceforge.net/tcz_repo/8.x/armv7/tcz/.  This only
thing on this page is "Project web is currently offline pending the
final migration of its data to our new datacenter."  Could this be the
souce of my problem?  Or, could something else be the culprit.   Since
I've already done this previously with the same picoreplayer version, it
seems like something has changed in the environment. 

Please let me know if this is the wrong place to post this question. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

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