Greg Erskine wrote: 
> hi Howard Passman,
> It has always been a little difficult doing an image backup of a live
> system. I am sure some OS have extra tools to do this now days.
> With piCore being memory based, I am sure it is possible to develop a
> tool to do this.
> In theory you would only need a backup of you configuration files, which
> is what mydata.tcz is.

mydata.tcz is only the very beginning of a backup, it was really only
intended to reconfigure the "out of the box things included with pCP 
(soundcard, wifi)  It is used during upgrades, but then the SD card is
not wiped during an upgrade.     Anything that is "downloaded" to the
system is extra, is not included in mydata.tcz, and therefore not backed
Since LMS is what Howard is after, I would not even attempt to do a
image of that on a live system, since that file system is mounted.   And
there is no good way to do it.   It can be done, but it is still way
easier to pull the card and do a image.

win32diskimager has an option to only copy partitioned
space.....although I have not tried it.

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