I too remember the good ‘ol days Roger and in fact still have one of my 
eLearning shell projects that still runs stand-alone on both Catalina and 
Windows, although I’d have to check which version of Windows.  The project has 
stacks calling stacks and external media.  The MacOS stand-alone version is 
just a single file that I’ve shared without having to license from anybody, 
with what I’ve always assumed is  a runtime engine packaged in it some how.  
The Windows version has an .exe and the media and externals are in separate 
folders and again I assume it has the Rev engine.   I haven’t tried this with 
Big Sur.

But going back to you suggestion, as you know I think LC has totally lost focus 
on what its heritage was, except maybe LC Server, if that still exists.  If it 
does, you should be able to develop on whatever, deliver on a web server with 
LC Server loaded, and anybody could run the project anywhere there is a 
browser.  Or along with willy and nilly have I totally lost it, which has been 
known on occasion !!

best, Bob...

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> In the good ol days, I could build a standalone for the Mac, Windows and 
> Linux and distribute it willy-nilly. Now I have to jump thru intolerable 
> hoops (at least for the Mac) to give someone my standalone. if someone (hint. 
> . .hint) could build a Livecode reader app for dirt cheap or even free w 
> advertising that would run LC standalones, everything would be right in the 
> world again! 
> I think my martini is showing...
> Roger
>> On Mar 26, 2021, at 5:35 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode 
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>> What are you looking for?  When were these "good ol days" in which one could 
>> run stack files without an engine, and how did that work?

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