Hi Roger,

You wrote:

> Nope! Right clicking on a standalone I?m trying to share with my wife on her 
> iMac w OS 11.2 results in this menu: Open Attachment - Quick Look Attachment 
> - Save Attachment?. - Save to Downloads Folder - Share - Copy - Speech

This list of menu options looks like those that appear if you are 
right-clicking on an attachment in Mail.

The right-click menu being referred to here is only available when you are in 
the Finder.
So the app you sent to your wife’s machine (apparently by Mail) needs to be 
downloaded first. Then, in the Finder, locate the downloaded file and 
right-click on it.

The menu that appears will have as the first two options “Open” and “Show 
Package Contents”. 
If the second option offered is not “Show Package Options” but “Open With” then 
you have not transferred an app but a document (perhaps the LC stack?)

Try this with other apps and documents on your wife’s mac to confirm the two 
types of option menus that come up.

Choosing “Open” for an application Finder context menu will, for unnotorized 
apps, will then bring up the dlog asking if you really do want to open this 
app. This only needs to be done the first time the app is opened.


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