No, HYPE is not 'serious' competition; it might be something that squishes LiveCode's HTML5 extension
if LiveCode don't buck up and get on with things in that direction.

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1. mar. 2017 kl. 20.40 skrev Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode 

I just downloaded HYPE from Tumult: this is where some serious competition is 
coming from.
If animated content is what you want to build, then, yes. But it is nowhere 
near the functionality we expect and get from LC. From time to time I use Hype 
to make animated and interactive content for my students, but when I need to 
make some serious applications that rely on variables, arrays, writing to and 
reading from external files, manipulate files and folders on the host system, 
use controls like radio buttons or check boxes, use menus or editable fields, 
there is no way this can be done in Hype 3.0 without writing html, css and java 
script manually.

The kind of actions you are able to use are limited to mouse/touch actions. 
Personally I am no big fan of menu driven scripting.

Is menu driven scripting really programming? (500-900 words, on my desk by Monday).

Why do I feel that menu driven scripting is like driving an automatic car (last time I drove one of those I crashed it by using my left foot to press on the "clutch"), while LiveCode feels like driving a manual transmission car, and C++, PASCAL, et al are rather like building your own
car before you drive the thing?

I prefer to write my own code and find that this is very often quicker than navigating meny different menus.*I like the way they have managed to implement html/css/javascript in a seamless way though, and I had hoped that this was the kind of implementation we would get in LC.*

Very well said.

Tore Nilsen

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