As to that, everything you do on a computer, INCLUDING typing code, is an 
illusion. A DOS prompt is an illusion in it's own right. So is a light bulb on 
a panel that was turned on by some signal from a computing device. All a 
computer can really do is move numbers from one register to another in a 
predefined way. By calling the LC GUI an illusion, you are simply removing 
yourself one more layer from the last illusion. 

Now in relation to built-in support of different formats, one could say the 
same thing about a web browser, that it should "just work with any kind of 
image". Or font type then. Or video format. Or encryption algorithm. Or 
anything really. The only reason modern web browsers evolved in the first place 
was because new formats of all kinds of things became really popular or 
beneficial to the end product in some way. 

If anyone can demonstrate that thousands of potential developers turned away 
from LC because the support for SVG graphics, or the browser object, or 
anything in LC, was not up to par, they would have a good point. Better yet if 
they can produce some real numbers about all the developers who really want to 
begin programming in Livecode, and are just waiting for more robust support of 
some particular object, I'm sure they would garner serious interest. If not, 
then bringing up all the programmers who have "turned away" is frankly, a 

Myself, I get a little nervous when some on the list begin to criticize RunRev 
for not supporting some thing or not in some way expected. It feels a lot like 
eating dinner with my mother who used to take us to high end French restaurants 
just so that she could complain to the chef that something wasn't done just so. 

I could be mischaracterizing the posts though. I apologise if I am overstating 
my case. I think discussions about possible bugs, or new features or better 
ways of doing things are constructive. Criticism of the amazing devs at RunRev 
when something does not work exactly as we like, is not. 

Bob S

> On Feb 28, 2017, at 14:28 , Richmond Mathewson via use-livecode 
> <> wrote:
> The main stregth of Livecode is that one can go on believing in the illusion 
> of the GUI.
> Messing around with text-editors and images spoils that completely.
> Richmond.

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