Graham Samual wrote:

    But (and there certainly is a ‘but’) there is a danger that the whole LC 
environment might move away from the very powerful “everyone can code” ideal. 
It may be simply that this list is preoccupying itself with more arcane stuff 
that’s outside the comfort zone of most LC developers, but instinctively I feel 
the danger is real.
    Maybe there should be a “who benefits?” test applied to new stuff, 
especially stuff that breaks the existing model.
    Just my two Brexit-affected Eurocents

BR: Ditto what Graham has said. The "danger" is very real….I just downloaded 
HYPE from Tumult: this is where some serious competition is coming from. One of 
my "non programmer" editors here, who knows Keynote really well makes 
"Hollywood grade" presentations… can be building in HYPE in a few days… the 
HTML5 layer is completely hidden…unless he really *wants* to get into the JS 
(he never, ever will). I plan to start using it myself to… for projects I had 
started in LC but which clearly cannot be taken to the next level in LC.

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