Yes, of course, Hype is nowhere near the scope of LC. my interest is just what 
you describe: an environment for  smooth easy-to-build animation and, if it can 
also be deployed on a web site without having to load the entire Emscriptem , 
so much the better. 

A full graphic mini-novel-story (6 minutes user driven) I would prefer to do it 
in LC, because the scope of the back end is so much bigger, but it's just too 
hard compared to something like HYPE to do a) easily b) look really good.  So 
if we could build it in HTML5, if we could only fully integrate the browser 
widget in the message path we would have our Dosai and Sambar too. Plus you get 
the bonus of being able to deploy on web without having to wait for the entire 
Emscripten engine to load.

and, back on point, being able to touch-drag any object is simply the default 
expectation for a newbie coming from that GUI/Front End/UI design space over to 
check out LC…

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    If animated content is what you want to build, then, yes. But it is nowhere 
near the functionality we expect and get from LC. From time to time I use Hype 
to make animated and interactive content for my students, but when I need to 
make some serious applications that rely on variables, arrays, writing to and 
reading from external files, manipulate files and folders on the host system, 
use controls like radio buttons or check boxes, use menus or editable fields, 
there is no way this can be done in Hype 3.0 without writing html, css and java 
script manually.
    The kind of actions you are able to use are limited to mouse/touch actions. 
Personally I am no big fan of menu driven scripting. I prefer to write my own 
code and find that this is very often quicker than navigating meny different 
menus. I like the way they have managed to implement html/css/javascript in a 
seamless way though, and I had hoped that this was the kind of implementation 
we would get in LC.
    Tore Nilsen

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