On 6/12/17 1:19 PM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
 > 2) I like everything you are describing but I don't get this:
 > "resizeControl"  is never triggered if the resizeStack is "dormant"
 > that was my last "problem"  … so, how are we "trigger" the resizeStack
 > to "fire" when any stack is opened… even if the size doesn't change.
 > a) if a stack is 414 X 736, and opens on a device that is 414 X 736
 > with full screen mode set to showAll… is the resizeStack handler
 > fired?

Supporting your interest in avoiding theory, I'm compelled to ask: what happened when you tried it?

If the stack is the same size as the mobile device screen, there will be no resizing because the stack already fits.

Maybe a better message to trap in this case would be preOpenControl or openControl, which is sent to a group the first time it is accessed or when the card opens, depending on whether it's a background or card group.

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