Tks Devin for moving this over here.

@ Jacque: OK rignt-- agreed "crop" is wrong.. because, yes, it implies 
"irrevocably chopping off image data"  

But "lock" also has the problem of assuming the loc is locked, which it is not.

How about a word that really is what it does

Constrain rect

Logic: as Mark said "instead of the union of child objects"

Seems like "an act of constraint" to me

and that word is in fact used in discussion about CSS overflow management, 
which to my mind,  is exactly what is happening here.. effectively setting 
"overflow" to "hidden," leaving the rect alone



On 6/13/17, 8:32 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of Devin Asay via use-livecode" 
< on behalf of> wrote:

    Good suggestions, Scott and BR. 
    My list now:
    - Persistent rect
    - Crop to rect
    - Lock rect  (analogous to lockLoc’s “Lock size and position”)
    Anyone else want to chime in?
    <react to soapbox>
    Yes, I admit I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I typed “Don’t…”, but 
in my defense it was pretty far down the list.
    </react to soapbox>

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