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For group controls you will find that it is. Try it.  It's quite handy.

Another useful thing which I'm not sure is particularly visible (but is in the 
dictionary!) is the group 'clipsToRect' property.

When 'the clipsToRect' is set to true you get a group which acts like 
lockLocation is set, but is resizable. In  this case the group's size is 
determined purely by the rect it has set, and not the union of the rectangles 
of its children.

This might have been mentioned somewhere else in this thread, but its probably 
worth repeating if so as a group with clipsToRect true, and a resizeControl 
handler makes a good base for a custom control.

It’s not visible in the PI, but it’s not hard to add. I’d be happy to make a 
pull request for it. The main question is what would be the “readable label” of 
this property? (My current favorite is the first one.)

  - Group rect remains fixed
  - Fixed group rect
  - Lock group rect
  - Group rect is fixed
  - Don’t change group rect
  - Group rect is independent of child controls
  - Prevent group rect size when child objects move or resize

It’s a tricky balance between clear enough and short enough.



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