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> On 2017-06-12 22:22, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
>> For group controls you will find that it is. Try it.  It's quite
>> handy.
> Another useful thing which I'm not sure is particularly visible (but
> is in the dictionary!) is the group 'clipsToRect' property.
> When 'the clipsToRect' is set to true you get a group which acts like
> lockLocation is set, but is resizable. In  this case the group's size
> is determined purely by the rect it has set, and not the union of the
> rectangles of its children.
> This might have been mentioned somewhere else in this thread, but its
> probably worth repeating if so as a group with clipsToRect true, and a
> resizeControl handler makes a good base for a custom control.

Super cool. I missed that in the v6.2 Release Notes when it appeared - thanks for pointing it out.

As long as we're exploring methods for encapsulating resizing, what are the odds this enhancement you submitted may be implemented in v9?:

ANOMALY: Messages are blocked if a control is disabled

I very much appreciate your submitting that one.

Without that it can be quite cumbersome to write extra blocks of code to explicitly send those messages if a group is disabled. But once in place, so much becomes so clean and simple.

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