On 12/31/2017 03:11 PM, Peter Bogdanoff via use-livecode wrote:
  text sometimes flows off the bottom of the field. Changing the font size is 
too extreme a change and doesn’t fix widows.

I’m trying to conceive of a method of somehow creating page metadata that 
reformats the Windows text—possibly adjusting field width, arbitrary carriage 
returns to move text, changing the text size of space characters, etc., all in 
an attempt to make the Windows version text display more of less the same as 
Mac. But the problem of line height difference is otherwise unfixable by me.

Linux users also often face the problem where LC developers share stacks where multi-line text wraps below the bottom of fields with fixed height.

Can you set the field height to the formattedHeight and auto-show scrollbars as necessary when you load the field's contents? That ordinarily solves the problem. I would protest efforts to mess with user font selection, be it fontface or size and suggest you try to make it adaptive. Fontface and size can be elements the user has good reasons to set for himself.


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