I wonder if you could figure out a general ratio for the size difference and adjust the width of the field to correct the text wrap on Windows. That's about all I can think of.

On 1/1/18 5:04 PM, Peter Bogdanoff via use-livecode wrote:
I think that the size difference is related to the specific font used. Georgia 
is displaying slightly wider in Windows than Mac. Helvetica seems pretty 
consistent. A Chinese font I use is much smaller in Windows.

Changing Georgia from 16 to 15 is too drastic a change for me, so I need to 
keep the font size the same.

I can’t set the textHeight since I have to set fixedLineHeight to false so I 
can display thumbnail images within the text.

I suspect that the space between lines when fixedLineHeight is false is 
determined by the specific font metrics, something LiveCode can’t or doesn’t 
want to override. I haven’t done a test of various fonts comparing the Windows 
vs. Mac “free” line spacing. Maybe there is a constant among them all…

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