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My page layout is fixed — no user settings of font face or size. Also the card 
height doesn’t have room for text fields to get taller. And there was the 
design decision not to show scroll bars.

Text also often has “widows” at the bottom of the field when the text was 
formatted for Mac but is displayed in Windows. Thus my desire to adjust the 
Windows text to get it to flow similarly to the Mac (where it was authored).

The old-school method was to find a font size and textheight that matches what you see on Mac, and on preOpenStack, set the text properties based on platform.

It used to be that Windows fonts displayed larger and/or wider than the same-named Mac fonts. That may have changed recently; my client says Windows fonts are smaller now. At any rate, do some experimentation on Windows to see if you can adjust the flow using textsize and textheight, or by experimenting with different fonts.

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