Keith Clarke wrote:

> Thanks Martin (& Brian). It transpires that the VPS in question only
> has CentOS 6 OS option, even if recreated - so the OS is a given for
> the short term, pending replacement / upgrade discussions with the
> hosting provider, which are not my call.
> One option to get underway might be to deploy an earlier version of LC
> Server that can both:
> Run happily under Linux with GLIBC at 2.12
> Use LC9-compatible stacks - so I can develop on my desktop and deploy.
> I just hope these criteria aren’t mutually exclusive!

Apparently glibc has a very conservative version numbering scheme - v2.12 was from 2010:

LC 9's native format is the same as with v8.1, so I checked the Release Notes for that version and apparently it requires glibc 2.13 or later.

Oddly, looking back to LC v7.0 the glibc required versions were *higher* than they are in later versions - from the v7 release notes:

  Requirements for 32-bit Intel/AMD:
      glibc 2.3.6 or later
  Requirements for 64-bit Intel/AMD:
      glibc 2.15 or later

Even odder is that support for the older 32-bit architecture requires a much newer version (?).

In fact, I went back as far as LC v4.5 and found the glibc required version listed as "glibc 2.3.2 or later".

This is confusing to me, so it seems we could benefit from some guidance from Mark Waddingham or one of the Linux-savvy team members.

I wonder how difficult it would be to recompile LC 9.0.1 with glibc 2.12...

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