Keith Clarke wrote:

> Thanks Warren (& Richard) - this probably is the blocker, as this
> particular VPS is definitely running 2.12
> Google suggests that I can’t (or at least shouldn't attempt to)
> upgrade CentOS 6 with a later glibc version, given its central role.
> Apparently there are workarounds to install an additional, later
> version of glibc - as an option, alongside the OS version - in such a
> way that it gets called session by session, when needed (i.e. for LC
> Server use). However, after failing to complete a couple of these,
> it's clear but that this is way beyond my Linux chops to sort.
> So, it looks like server migration / rebuild will need to be on the
> critical path or it’s a dead-end for experimenting with LC Server for
> this particular project.

First question (an admittedly ignorant one, but I haven't spent much time in the CentOS community): Why does their package manager not automatically keep system components current?

Second question: If the first question cannot be resolved easily, what is the advantage of CentOS for this project over Ubuntu or Debian?

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